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“Sadh Sangat Asthan, Jagmag Noor Hai”

Waheguruji Ka Khalsa, Waheguruji Ki Fateh!

Sadh sangat ji, Congratulations on the anniversary celebrations of Gurdwara Sahib Sikh Sangat Boston at its new premises. In commemoration of this event a special Kirtan Darbar as well as Akhand Path Sahib are being initiated. The program details for this occasion are as follows:

Friday, March 20th, 2015 – Aarambh Akhand Path Sahib
Asa Di War                                                                9am
Aarambh Akhand Path                                               10am
Kirtan Bhai Ajit Singh & Jatha (Delhi Wale)                   6pm
Katha Bhai Joginder Singh & Jatha (Ludhiane Wale)      7pm
Ardas/Samapti                                                           8:30pm

Saturday, March 21st, 2015 – Akhand Path Sahib
Akhand Path Sahib                                                    Full day
Kirtan Bhai Ajit Singh & Katha Bhai Joginder Singh      6pm – 8:30pm

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015 – Bhog Akhand Path Sahib
Bhog Akhand Path Sahib                                           10am
Kirtan by Sangat/Children                                           11am
Kirtan Bhai Ajit Singh                                                 12 noon
Katha Bhai Joginder Singh                                           1pm
Ardas/Samapti/Guru Ka Langar                                    2pm

Note: Langar will be served on all days of Akhand Path Sahib

Sadh Sangat is humbly requested to take part wholly in this joyous event and earn the blessings of Guru Sahib. Members of the sangat who are interested in taking up langar sewa are requested to write their names and phone number on the calender in Gurdwara Sahib. For further information, Sangat can contact the sevadars on their numbers below.

Waheguruji Ka Khalsa, Waheguruji Ki Fateh!

Amarjit Singh    –  617 699 3928
Dalvir Singh      –  617 606 1742
Hardyal Singh   –  857 222 5536